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  • What sets us apart from the rest of the summer camps?
    Salty Grom Surf Camp is a local family owned business that builds positive relationships within the community.We love our local Huntington Beach community and we know it's future rests in the hands of the kids that come through our surf camp. Yes, we love teaching them to surf and we have a ton of fun doing that; but we want to impact their lives beyond that. We want to help raise, shape, and build up our community's future through active education, healthy habits, and being positive rold models.
  • Are your instructors CPR and First aid certified?
    YES! Every single one of our instructors are CPR and First-Aid certified with hands on training through the American Red Cross. We pride ourselves on safety and preparedness in case of emergencies. No matter what camps you choose this summer, please make sure each person is certified.
  • What is your student to instructor ratio?
    Because your child’s safety is our priority, our student/instructor ratio is less than 4:1 which is one of the lowest student to instructor ratios offered. This low student to instructor ratio gives the students a personal learning experience. The students are to be grouped into teams of four, and we try to work with the same instructor and group every day. Sprouts ratio is 3:1 (ages 5-7) while playing in the water.
  • What equipment is provided?
    We provide a full Billabong wetsuit, and soft top surfboard. If you have your own equipment, feel free to bring it (please do not bring a boogie board or skim board)
  • Is Bolsa Chica a good place to learn to surf?
    Bolsa Chica State Beach has a sandy bottom and gentle breaking waves which makes it the best spot to learn to surf in Huntington Beach. Also, because of the geography of the beach, summer's large south swells lose power as they wrap around to our location. On a side note, low tide is the best tide to learn to surf at our location.
  • What is a good age to start surfing?
    Although every child is different we have set our age limit at 5 yrs. It is important to remember that being able to swim on their own is a mandatory requirment for this camp. They will not be swimming unsupervised at any time, but they need to be able to get back to the surfboard if they fall off during surf time.
  • What should I bring to camp?
    Sunscreen, towel, bathing-suit, change of clothes, lunch, and plenty of water.
  • How long does it take to learn to surf?
    For kids, surfing seems to come pretty easy to them. If they are willing to jump in and try it, we usually have them standing in the first couple hours. But surfing is not always as easy as it seems, it has a very slow learning curve for many... especially adults.
  • Are soft tops better to learn on?
    Soft surfboard are usually thicker and more buoyant than traditional hard surfboards. Buoyancy makes it easier to catch and stand up on waves. New technology has also improved the performance of soft surfboards which are safer for beginning surfers who frequently loose control of their surfboard. Because we have a lot of kids surfing, its nice to have the instructors surrounded by soft boards. We primarily use catchsurf boards.
  • How does the parking pass work?
    Unfortunately, Bolsa Chica State Beach will not allow any grace period for drop-off or pick-up. We will supply (1) parking pass per family that is good for the remainer of the week registered for and must be returned on Friday of that same week to keep from being charged for the parking pass. We will automatically charged the card on file $45 if the card is not returned. If you wish to purchase a parking pass, you can do so on the first day of camp for $45. Once purchased, a refund will not be given. This pass is good at Bolsa Chica State Beach for the remainder of the summer and is ultimately governed by the State Park system and its officers. We will not replace lost, stolen, or misused passes due to confiscation of park employees.
  • Where is your camp located?
    Bolsa Chica State Beach (South of lifeguard tower #21), Just north of the main tower.
  • How do you find your instructors?
    We love to take people from our community, and whats awesome is that we have been around long enough to hire on some of the groms that once did our surf camp themselves. In addition to that, our day to day staff includes credentialed school teachers, former or current ocean lifeguards, and a nurse. That's not bad, but we think it's still not good enough. That is whey every single one of our instructors are current with CPR and First-aid certifications through the American Red Cross hands on training course. This ensures that no matter who is around, we are doing everything we can to ensure the safety of your child.
  • Do you background check your employees?
    YES... Every single one, and every year that they return.
  • What is the average age of surf camp?
    Our age range for sprouts is: 5-8 years old Our age range for surf camp is : 8-16 years old Our average age campers are 10-12 years old.
  • Does my child need to know how to swim?
    Yes! It is very important that your child is able to swim on their own. There should not be a situation in which they will be swimming alone, but as they fall off of their surfboard, they will need to swim back to it. This includes the sprouts kids. (Although we do allow a chest type float for them while surfing if they want to bring one)
  • Do you have sunscreen breaks?
    Yes, we have many sunscreen and water breaks. We make sure to reapply sunscreen on all the sprouts and ask the older kids to do the same. We make every effort to get sunscreen on everyone, even if they run out... Although we will ask and verify, the older kids do need to take some initiative in applying sunscreen during that time.
  • Can my kids be in the same group?
    Yes, we let the kids pick their own groups and adjust as we need. We are aware of kids feeling left out or having a hard time adjusting to the skill set of their current group and are able to shift around as needed. Parents, if you notice something or need us to change something up, please let us know and we will do our best to accomodate your request. We want the best experience for everyone.
  • What does a private surf lesson include?
    Each private surfing lesson is 2 hours long and includes use of a surfboard and wetsuit for the duration of the lesson. Also included is on-beach and in-water surfing instruction.
  • Can adults sign up for a private surfing lesson?
    Yes, in fact a strong majority of our private and group surfing lessons are adults. We specialize in kids surf camps, but it seems the adults want to get in on the fun too.
  • What is the best time to schedule a surfing lesson?
    For our beach, We recommend starting 9am or earlier. There are 2 factors that we take into play when we are deciding when the best time to surf is. WIND: Although wind is the driving force of swells, it can also make for a very messy surf session. Most days, the wind starts to pick up around 11am and the conditions begin to deteriorate quickly. We recommend to begin your surfing lesson at 9am or earlier; this greatly improves our odds of favorable conditions. TIDE: Our beach function well on both a hight and low tide, however, when we are lacking swell, high tide waves will break directly on the shore making for short rides. On a low tide, the waves break further out and run all the way to shore. If we can time a little swell with low wind and a low tide it will make for an excellent surfing experience. Regarless of the wind or tide, we are going to have a blast surfing together.
  • Why do you need my height and weight?
    To properly fit a wetsuit, we need accurate height and weights for each persons surfing. This is not a good time to fudge the numbers on the weight. We want to make sure we have a suit that fits properly.
  • What is "Salty Grom Surf Club"?"
    Salty Grom Surf Club is for ages 10-16 and includes a board, wetsuit, and coaching. This is a group surf club to encourage and advance intermediate surfing skills. This is NOT a beginner class. This class relys on basic knowledge of surfing, getting through white wash, and being able to pop up with no help. Don't be intimidated though, we are still here to learn and have fun!! If you have been through our summer surf camp program, you are probably able to join the surf club. We meets on Saturday from 8am-9am for 8 weeks. Call us for more information.
  • What is your refund policy regarding Covid-19
    In case of a mandatory beach closure due to covid-19, we are offering 100% refunds for all services within the time frame effected. In case that the beach is closed partial week, we will be pro-rate the refund to full days not completed.
  • What safety protocols are in place?
    To remain in compliance with the State of California and state park system, we are required to carry out specific safety protocols that may be audited at any time. Some of the ways that we are protecting out community is: - Daily temerpature readings (Touch free) - Touch free check in and check out - Maintaining social distancing - Daily sanitization of equipment
  • What if my child has a high temperature?
    If you or your child has a temperature at or over 100.4 degrees, please stay home and let us know.
  • What is the "waitlist"?"
    If a specific week of camp is full, there is still an opportunity to get on the waitlist in case someone cancels. If you join a waitlist, it automatically puts you in line for a spot, and will NOT charge your card until we manually accept you off of the waitlist.
  • What is pre-registration? (unavailable this year)
    Pre-registration is a new item we added that let you sign up for a spot of surf camp, but will not charge your card until a couple days before camp. Your spot is reserved but your card is not charged until a week before the your desired surf camp date. This allows forward planning and budgeting for your spot of camp.
  • Cancellation Policy
    We accept cancellations (7) days before camp starts. Each cancellation incures a non-refundable $10 service charge. A refund will NOT be given if there is a cancellation within (7) days of camp starting. Transfering weeks is available at "no charge" if the week desired is NOT full. In case of being added to a waitlist, we must place you at the end of the line in hopes that you get in. We need to be fair to other customers, the kids, and our coaches. Thank you for your understanding.
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