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Huntington Beach Surf Camp : Find the best surf camp for you

With so many surf camps in Huntington Beach and so many surfing lesson options available, what should you look for to ensure that your child is getting the attention that need in the sport of surfing? Below are a few ideas to get you going in what you should look for in a quality program that you can trust in.

Permitted surf camp: All beaches in and around orange county require a permit to operate their businesses on beach property whether it's a state beach or city beach. An Orange County surf camp without a permit is not being background checked for very important requirements such as CPR certifications, Safety Protocols, or even insurance. If you are not sure whether the camp in question is permitted or not, call the main beach facility and find out.

Student to Instructor ratio: This ratio is one of the most important factors that go into finding the perfect surf camp. For instance, California State Parks requires a student to instructor ratio of 6:1. This ratio means that for every 6 students that are in the water, there needs to be one instructor. At Salty Grom Surf Camp our student instructor ratio is less than 4:1. This ensures that your child is getting the attention that they need.

Quality equipment: A top of the line surf camp will come equipped with top of the line equipment. If you are going to pay for surfing lessons in huntington Beach, make sure that there is enough equipment for each student to use at any point during the week. Each student should get their own wetsuit to use for the week as well as their own board. Salty Grom Surf Camp's sole sponsor is Billabong Camps, with this comes full billabong wetsuits, and gear to use for the week. We use a high quality soft surfboards called catchsurf. This surf board floats and rides like a traditional hardboard, but is soft for the safety of your children.

Education: Surf camp or surf school? It doesn't matter, both should be teaching about the ocean that they are surfing in. Look for topics such as Oceanography, Coastal preservation, Surf etiquette, safety, and possibly more advanced surf coaching. Huntington Beach surf camps should not only keep your body in shape, but also your mind.

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