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Surfing in the Olympics? ... I guess so.

USA! USA! USA! I can already hear it now, as everyone is crowded around a small wave pool made by some of the most impressive engineers still trying to perfect what the GOAT, Kelly Slater and others already have, with perfect conditions wave after wave... after wave. When you sit and think about a sport you love being possibly ruined by official worldwide regulation outside of the surfing community, you can't help but think, " Can this be a good thing? no way! ... well maybe? ... I don't know?" Regardless of what we think about it, It's happening. There has been rumors that Kelly/WSL wave pool has possibly secured a location in or around Tokyo, to build another flawless wave pool, but there has also been a lot of talk about Olympic surfing staying in its natural habitat... the actual ocean.

Regardless of where the surfing is going to take place, we do have a few facts:

Where: Some sort of body of water in or around Tokyo

When: Olympic Games, Tokyo 2020

Who: Top surfers for the 2019 season + other series'

Federation: ISA (International Surfing Association)

* I will try to wrap back around to the this as we get more information

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